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Industreweb Components


A central core of information collected from your business by some clever programming that enables Industreweb Collect to connect to almost anything.

  • Information is displayed on your pc and via a web browser in clear understandable formats.
  • You can tailor information for engineers, managers, supervisors and directors showing them exactly what they need to know and when they need to know it.
  • Industreweb can talk to you via email.
  • Industreweb can talk to you via your mobile.
  • Within Industreweb, information is being logged constantly, building up a picture of your business over time.
  • Information is available as it happens via Industreweb.

The hardware consists of the Industreweb Collect unit and input devices.

  • Input devices can be sensors, barcode readers, HUI or any existing control systems device on the site. Industreweb can connect to almost any data source.
  • The real power of the hardware is that it can integrate into any existing technology without disrupting production.
  • Ethernet, ASIBus and wireless connectivity provide for an efficient and future-proof data communication system.
  • Industreweb is the ideal choice for flexibility and scalability.


Industreweb Collect

Industreweb Collect links to all your sources of data providing real-time monitoring and decision making via its high speed logic engine. Monitor data, create alerts and trigger actions in other systems.

Industreweb Display

Display is a platform independent, browser based reporting and analysis tool. Industreweb Display is designed to display production information and statistics from the Industreweb Collect server.

Industreweb Global

Industreweb Global provides the overall co-ordination and administration of your Industreweb Collect Nodes. It also allows you to design the Display Interfaces visible on the shopfloor.

Industreweb Vactory - the Virtual Factory

Industreweb makes the digital factory a reality using state of the art technology to produce a real-time digital twin of your production facility in virtual environment.

Data Collection

Data collection can be a technical minefield. Sourcing software and hardware that will allow you to connect to your particular technologies – and then you have to configure it.