Industreweb Global

Industreweb Global provides the overall co-ordination and administration of your Industreweb Collect Nodes. It also allows you to design the Display Interfaces visible on the shopfloor.

This flavour of Industreweb provides a global overview of any company process or plant connected to the Industreweb Collect system.
Industreweb Global provides

  • Data Analysis
  • Perfromance Monitors
  • Customer Tracking
  • Order Tracking
  • Supply Tracking
  • Process Tracking
  • Reports

A web-based private interface gets the right information to the right people, allowing lead engineers, plant managers and even over-seas company directors to get a simple overview of their responsibilities and their equipment performance. Charts and graphs provide summaries and a technique to 'drill-down' into detailed information including average production, down-time, up-time, energy consumption and waste production.