How Can We Help?

Improve Processes

With the rising costs of energy bills in both industrial and domestic environments, the reduction of waste and energy saving has never been more important. 
Over the years the emphasis has been placed on cutting production cost to improve profits while assuming that the energy costs of a production facility are always fixed. This is not the case.  

Energy Efficiency now holds as great a role, not only in profits but in the Social Image of your business. 
Industreweb can help identify this in real time while presenting information to engineers, production managers and directors. This information does not come as flood of data but in clear, concise reports and easy to understand displays, all of which can be tailored to the person who is reading it. Also, with a machine by machine approach you have the power to pinpoint exactly where you are wasting energy and throwing away money. With this easily accessible information you can trim energy waste to the minimum. 

Almost immediately you can see how much money you have saved. 
However, this is not just about money. We all have a responsibility to take care of the environment we live in and with a cultural change on the horizon before long Government Legislation and Consumer Opinion will force companies to become Energy Efficient. 

With the help of Industreweb you will be able to move forward to a more profitable and environmentally friendly future. 


Reduce Waste

Avoid unnecessary production errors that can have an impact of waste, quality and in-service product defects.

Industreweb allows you detect errors within your manufacturing process. You can be alerted of problems occurring or can preventing them from occurring in the first place. By using real-time monitoring, issues such as incorrectly manufactured or untested products can be avoided.


  • Avoid production issues due to human error
  • Reduce scrap and increase quality
  • Link to the Andon, Work Instruction applications to add alerting and staff training support


  • Supports live interfaces to all common ICS to trigger Documents when the process changes
  • Support for position tracking technology including Ubisense SmartSpaces to monitor production assets including tooling, products, components and staff
  • Log errors to determine when process improvement is require


Reduce Faults

Clear display of data is key to any successful process. For this reason, a lot of time has been spent developing a system that is hugely effective, low cost and completely flexible.

As well as its own internal capabilities, Industreweb offers extended services, functionality and data analytics when linked to platforms provided by a range of market leading vendors. Support for Siemens MindSphere, GE Predix, Proficy & CSense, Amazon Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure Data Analytics and Machine Learning are available or being developed.