Error Proofing

Avoid unnecessary production errors that can have an impact of waste, quality and in service product defects. Detect the state of your process including tracking the location of production assets and staff.

Detect error scenarios within you manufacturing process by alerting of their occurrence or preventing them from occurring in the first place. Using real-time monitoring issues such as incorrectly manufactured or untested products can be avoided.


  • Avoid production issues due to human error
  • Reduce scrap and increase quality
  • Link to the Andon, Work Instruction applications to add alerting and staff training support


  • Supports live interfaces to all common ICS to trigger Documents when the process changes
  • Support for position tracking technology including Ubisense SmartSpaces to monitor production assets including tooling, products, components and staff
  • Log errors to determine when process improvement is required


Industreweb Error Proofing with Ubisense Smart Factory


Industreweb Error Proofing with Ubisense Smart Factory


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