ANDON Fault Escalation

Detect quality and production related issues and communicate them in real-time to the staff who can resolve them. Industreweb sends alerts and can be configured to escalate Issue Tickets to ensure they are being handled.

When issues with the process occur, its critical to flag it up to maintenance staff and get a resolution as quickly as possible. Andon Fault Escalation allows operators to manually raise Issue Tickets, or for issues to be detected automatically and therefore raise a Ticket. Active Issue Tickets are displayed to both the operator and maintenance staff via any browser enabled device, and with support for live alerting by email, SMS or instant messaging.


  • Ensure that errors and quality issues get dealt with quickly
  • Re-assure operators that issues have been notified and will be attended to
  • Log issue statistics for powerful analytics for common faults and greatest downtime causes


  • System to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem
  • Real-time visualisation on any web enabled device
  • Integrations with PLC for dynamic triggering
  • Alert escalations including email and SMS
  • Support for integration into the Knowledgebase and Vactory Applications
  • Capture events in database for analytics


Andon Fault escalation screen


Andon Fault Escalation system hardware