How it all works.

Industreweb 4.0 Applications


Data Collection

Data collection can be a technical minefield. Sourcing software and hardware that will allow you to connect to your particular technologies – and then you have to configure it.

Work Instructions

Digital documentation shop floor system - Avoids lost, damaged, outdated paper based documents. Rapid documentation roll-out of with built in audit trail means that management is streamlined and version control is easy.

ANDON Fault Escalation

Detect quality and production related issues and communicate them in real-time to the staff who can resolve them. Industreweb sends alerts and can be configured to escalate Issue Tickets to ensure they are being handled.

Error Proofing

Avoid unnecessary production errors that can have an impact of waste, quality and in service product defects. Detect the state of your process including tracking the location of production assets and staff.

Maintenance Knowledge-base

Capture valuable solutions to machine failures by linking documentation for each solution, including notes, documents and videos. Monitor your process and display those solutions automatically when faults happen.

Energy Monitoring

With the rising costs of energy bills in both industrial and domestic environments, the reduction of waste and energy saving has never been more important.

Industreweb Vactory - the Virtual Factory

Industreweb makes the digital factory a reality using state of the art technology to produce a real-time digital twin of your production facility in virtual environment.

KANBAN Lean Supply Chain

Lightweight lean supply chain integration implementation of Industreweb.

KPI / OEE Monitoring

Coherent display of data is key to any successful process. For this reason a lot of time has been spent developing a system that is low cost, flexible and above all else effective.

Industrial Gaming

A fun proof of concept using gamification to help make engineering and automation interesting to the next generation of engineers - but it demonstrates how easy gluing systems together with Industreweb 4.0 can be.