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A manufacturing platform to join, rather than replace, existing technologies that can act as a toolkit to capture data, solve problems and improve production efficiency

Here at Control 2K we have spent many years listening to the needs of the industry and have developed Industreweb as our solution for data collection, presentation and dissemination.

The flexibility of the various elements of the Industreweb Product Suite allows you to tailor make solutions to fit your own environment and help you increase your profits.

Industreweb is browser based, so your data is widely available when and where you need it and it’s up to you to decide who sees it. Industreweb helps monitor and improve performance, communicate effectively, reduce maintenance costs and much, much more.

Which Applications are right for me?

Are you wondering which Apps would work best for you? Call us on 01656 646405 and we can discuss your requirements.

Gamification of manufacturing using Industreweb

Q: How do you make manufacturing competitive AND #STEM engaging to students? A: You use #Industreweb to control a manufacturing process by XBox controllers!

A Pragmatic Approach to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR / I4.0)

Amidst the noise within the drive to Industry 4.0, a strategy is forming amongst enlightened businesses. As increasingly market leaders align their products to I4.0 or 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) as its becoming known in the UK, how can you separate the marketing spin from the game changing technology?